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What We Do

  ERICA is more than a tool for matching great candidates to their perfect role, though it is that. 

ERICA and Grow Right are seeking to reset the very foundations that recruitment is built on.  ERICA, our AI solution, will match candidates to roles using machine learning, neural networking and fuzzy logic that goes beyond any traditional tool found in the market today!  But then ERICA goes to the next level, also matching candidates on complex conditions unique to each role, ERICA learns overtime how to improve matching capabilities, weighing up years of experience, types of roles, education and more.

Discover new talent

As a company you know all to well the problem of finding and ultimately hiring new people for your teams.

Find the right person for a role is difficult and time consuming.  There is no secret to success other then years of hard-won experience in recruitment.  Candidate pools are growing, so finding the unicorn, the perfect employee, is becoming more and more challenging.

Identify new roles

As a job seeker you know all too well the pain of looking for the perfect role. What are the conditions, how is the culture? what are the ebenefits are the projects going to excite me. Most importantly, am I going to be in a position to succeed and add value. Our research shows that is the number 1 key factor above Pay grade. 

Am I going to be valued.. 


ERICA our AI understands people and companies.

 Creating ideal connections, kinda like a certain dating app :) though for people looking to love their jobs Recruitment

Hire with confidence

Sorting through large volumes of local applicants, relying on use keyword resume searches and behavioural interviews, all impacted by human bias.

What if something was missed, or a little niggling feeling this may not work out.. Employers: What is the cost of hiring the fit? 

Employees - What is the cost of joining the wrong project/team? 

Who we are

Grow Right Digital is an innovative company with a clear mission of using #ai as a means of growing Careers, Companies and Communities.



Chief Executive Officer

Visionary Business Leader with an award-winning track record for designing, optimising and leading enterprise digital transformations. 

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Chief Product Officer

Executing the company's vision and strategy through innovative human first product design and development.

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Chief Technology Officer

Experienced Web Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry

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